So many people seem to associate boundary setting and self-defense with not being polite. As in, “Once a person does X, you no longer have to be polite.” Or, “Once they ignore your request to [blank], you no longer need to be polite.”

So yes, this is true. You do…

Years ago, I was in a blackbelt seminar. The senior instructor came to the mat and said good morning.

We bowed.

And then he said, “Everybody does Judo different.”

We all stared at him. What?!?

If there’s one thing that we are proud of in Judo, it’s that unlike many…

I know I throw the word around a lot. So, for those of you wondering about its origin, here you go:

When I was going through the process of becoming a public speaker, the amazing Erin Weed who was coaching me, taught me about the importance of finding “my word.”

Yehudit Zicklin-Sidikman

Public speaker, activist, violence prevention expert, president & founder of ESD Globa , CEO, co-founder, and senior instructor El Halev.

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